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The Zodiac 10K Challenge

$5.00 - $40.00

Unveiling the latest masterpiece from Jassy Budgets—an endeavor months in the making, and now ready to grace your financial journey! Introducing the 10K Zodiac Savings Challenge, a distinctive creation that fuses savings goals with the fascinating world of astrology. Dive into the realm where each astrological sign is not just a celestial entity but a pathway to unlocking your financial potential.

Explore the mystical connection between each sign and the revelation of power colors associated with Earth, Air, Water, and Fire elements.

The full challenge will include the 12 zodiac sign challenges with their descriptions and the dashboard! The challenge is also available to be purchased by individual signs with individual saving amounts.

* Individual signs will not come with dashboard *

Aquarius- $800 in savings
Pisces- $610 in savings
Aries- $1,050 in savings
Taurus- $1,000 in savings
Gemini- $970 in savings
Cancer- $850 in savings
Leo- $1,010 in savings
Virgo- $740 in savings
Libra- $1,200 in savings
Scorpio- $650 in savings
Sagittarius- $490 in savings
Capricorn- $630 in savings