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Pink Palette- 100 Envelope Challenge (5K Challenge)

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This pink palette 100 envelope challenge is a fun, not to mention super cute way to save money. The envelopes are numbered from 1-100. You can choose them consecutively or at random. Save the amount of whichever envelope you choose. Choose 7, save $7. Choose 80, save $80. When completed, you would have saved $5,050!!

The "OOPS" pink palette is a box that has envelopes that did not make the "final cut" :( Some envelopes got stuck in the laminator so they are wrinkled. Some envelopes may have a small piece of dust that landed while I was laminating so it got stuck in there (similar to what happens when you put a phone screen protector on). For these imperfections, this box is being sold at a deep discount.
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